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Carolina & Ben!

We want to help make the planning of your reception as easy as possible. We realize the stress that the entire wedding process has on a bride (and her family), but we want this part to be fun and creative for you. If at anytime, you need assistance in filling out any of the information or have questions on something unique you want to do, feel free to contact us.

The Reception Planner

Let’s start off with the most important document that you’ll need to return at least two (2) weeks prior to your wedding day, the same time that any unpaid balances are due. The information that you provide is what we use to make sure things go as planned at the reception. After receiving this, we’ll evaluate it and then we’ll schedule a consultation to finalize all the details and go over any last minute concerns/questions.

We’ve provided the Planner in a Word document or PDF version. If you have Microsoft Word, you might find it handy to save the file to your computer. That will allow you to edit and save your work as you go, until you have everything finalized and ready to return. Then, all you have to do is email it to us or print it out and mail it via the Post Office; either way works great.

If you want to simply print the Planner out, manually fill in all the information and then return it back via regular Post Office mail, that would be fine as well. Remember, the Post Office is not delivering mail as quickly in some areas, so allow enough time so that it arrives on time. Please print clearly.

The Reception Planner Guide

We’ve also compiled a ‘Hints & Tips’ sheet that will help guide you thru the Planner. These are thing that we’ve picked up over the many years of doing wedding receptions and my hope would be that they help you create a successful reception plan.

Ceremony Outline

Use this outline if we are providing ceremony service(s).

Wedding Wire

A great resource that we highly recommend. They specialize in connecting with future brides. Areas that you may find interesting:

Complete Checklist

A way to stay organized with all of your wedding planning.

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Wedding Songs

A great list of popular weddings song for the Bride & Groom's first dance, special moment dances such as the Bride/Father & Groom/Mother and ideas for ceremony music too.

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Choose a favorite retailer, compare benefits, set up your gift registry.

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create you own website to share with family & friends.

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Top 2021 Songs

This list was compiled by DJ Intelligence, an online DJ planning system that many DJs across the country utilize. It's a good resource to help you plan music selection.

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Guest Requests

Give your guests the opportunity to send in their own song requests by including the below link on your invites, email or favorite social media.

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Review Us

After your day, we'd love to hear your thoughts about our service(s). We'll send out a follow-up email, but like to give you a heads up prior to it's arrival.

We use a 3rd party application to process the feedback. We hope you'll take just a few minutes to leave us your thoughts.