Enhancements are a great way to customize the look & feel of your venue. A complete transformation can be done with strategic lighting, textures and monogram projection. Utilizing L.E.D. lighting technology, we can recreate an almost endless array of colors. This lighting also uses less electricity than traditional bulb lights and does not produce any heat. Thus, you don’t have to worry about little ones touching the lights and burning themselves, starting a venue fire or blowing breakers when adding the lighting to your room decor.

Monogram Projection
Highlight Your Name

Adding yet another unique way to spice up your next party! Put your names, initials, company logo, etc in lights. A custom, personal monogram is included in all wedding packages.

Each of these monograms was created personally by the Party Tunes staff, spending several hours to get it correct. Many were made entirely without input from the client because they chose to be surprised, some were suggested from our clients, while others were actual client creations. Either way, each is unique and personalized specifically to look, feel and personality of the client and adds another level of fun, class and elegance to their day.

Accent Lighting
Light up Your Night

Add that SPARK to the DARK! Don’t settle for something less than spectacular when it comes to your reception or party decorating. By adding a customized Accent Lighting package, you can give any room have that WOW factor that you want your family and friends to remember. Choose from either a Full Room-Wrap which encompasses your entire venue area or our Head Table only package; accenting your head table area.


Active Accents
Make the Room Dance

Your entire room can become one large dance floor. Or we can customize your head table backdrop to dance the night away with you and your guests.

  • NSFW …. make sure you have the sound turned off. 🙂
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