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Parent DanceWe just had to share a special request a recent bride had for the Parent Dances.  Even though I’ve entertained and helped organize 600-700 wedding receptions over the past 19 years, I’ve never had this requested.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was happily to accommodate the couple and their wishes.

During the father/daughter and mother/son dances, they wanted to invite other father & daughters and mother & sons up to share with them on the dance floor. So, about 30 seconds into the the father/daughter dance, I explained to their guests that they would like to share this song with other fathers & daughters.  Almost immediately, there were fathers picking up their little girl(s) and shuttling them off to the dance floor.  Even the teen-aged girls were quick to get up and meet their dads on the dance floor to share a moment.  Within a few seconds, the dance floor was full, with mothers hovering around snapping photos and smiling from ear to ear.  It was quite the moment.

Then, came the mother/son song.  Again, at about the 30 second mark, we announced the desire to share with other mothers and sons.  Of course, there was an expectation it was going to happen and they were ready.  The floor immediately filled up and the cameras were once again flashing away, capturing this special moment.  Here’s where the second ‘twist’ was introduced.

I acted like I was having technical difficulty with the song starting to skip.  This was done for a few seconds before transitioning into a pre-selected, dance tune and the announcement to the mothers & sons that our bride & groom wished for them to help open up the dance portion of the reception.  It was planned for the wedding party to join them as well and the dance floor was officially kicked into high gear for the evening.

I love it when couples choose something unique for their day.  This was a great way to help eliminate the awkwardness of dancing in front of a crowd that some may have, plus involving their family & friends into a special moment of the wedding day.

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