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PlanningWe work very closely with couples as we plan the reception. Our online planning tools include a two-page (and growing) tips & hints sheet that helps in the planning, but we wanted to highlight just a few things that we’ve noted over the years. In no particular order:

■ Hire Quality & Reputable Vendors – There are exceptions to this; especially if a family member is talented in an area that is needed, but for the most part it pays to spend a little extra and get vendors who are reliable, experienced wedding professionals. Don’t regret anything later in life when you want to re-live your day.

■ Arriving & Participating at the Reception – Unless tradition dictates otherwise, take as little time after the ceremony to arrive at the reception. Your guests want to be there to help you celebrate your wedding day. They also appreciate you recognizing the fact that they’ve honored you by spending the day with you, so make sure to allocate some time to mingle with your guests and thanking them for being there for you. A good time to do that is quickly after eating your meal, while your guests are finishing theirs or plan a cocktail hour where you can touch with each of them. Many couples are also sharing a special moment of “surprise” prior to the ceremony, thus allowing most of the photos to happen prior to the ceremony and just a few photos afterwards, so you can arrive at the ceremony quicker.

■ Maintain a Flow – You want to keep the reception flowing and not come to a stand-still. Schedule your toasts, cake cutting, dances, etc, so one thing flows into another, without awkward silences or dead spots. Some new traditions we’ve noted was the toasts & cake cutting being done at the same time at the cake table, which makes a wonderful back drop for photos. We are also seeing the parents dances combined together or even at a different time after the first dance, allowing the break up of so many slow songs and highlighting each special moment individually.

■ Dance the Night Away – As a couple, be prepared with your dancing shoes. In our experience, the more a couple participates on the dance floor, the more successful the reception will be. Guest feel invited to come and hang out with you, having a great time shaking their booty. 🙂 It also makes for better photos and video if you’re paying for that time to be captured.

■ Don’t be Over-Whelmed – This is where we step in and help out. Part of our service is to facilitate the reception; working closely with all  vendors to make things happen behind the scenes; much like a wedding planner, but we focus on the reception. With the reception planner information that we (the couple and us) have worked on, we take the lead and take care of it all. The couple, their parents and guests are there to celebrate!

We hope you find these little tips beneficial. These are just our own personal observations we’ve made over the years. With our Online Planning Portal that our clients get to utilize, we provide some additional details and links that help them plan and organize their thoughts. If you’d like to talk about making your reception a huge successful party, feel free to drop me a message here on the page and I’ll be happy to provide my thoughts.


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