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Garrette & AmberWe are asked many times about vendors in the area; such as photographers, caterers, decorating companies, videographers …. just about anyone that is involved in making that day a bride has dreamed about her entire life, the day that will be remembered forever. So, we felt that a series of vendor highlight blogs might be of benefit to those looking for a good, reputable company that has a proven record of quality, client satisfaction. Over the next few weeks/months, we are randomly going to portrait some of the area vendors we have the pleasure of working along side.

Today’s blog highlights the talented team of Garrette & Amber Baird of Eyenamics.com. Garrette & Amber are one of the most fun, loving and talented couples we’ve had the pleasure of working along side of. They just have a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed, even while holding a video camera in your face. 😉 There’s certainly never a dull moment when we are making memories happen for our clients.

We also follow them closely on Facebook and it’s always a thrill to watch their new wedding film ‘highlight’ releases and the responses received as family and friends are able to re-live the moment(s). We’ll even admit to shedding some tears and laughing out loud as well. We could continue, but we’re sure by now you’ve found yourself watching every video. 🙂


Eyenamics is a full time wedding film studio dedicated to providing our clients with beautifully captured wedding stories. Not simply a wedding video, but a film that will immerse you into your wedding day and once again allow you to relive those emotions attached to the memories.

Along with their wedding films, they offer an alternative to the highly popular PhotoBooth … make sure to ask them about their ANIMATION STATION.  Crazy fun is probably putting it mildly. Check out one of their samples HERE.

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