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DJ Dance FloorFinding a good, logical location for your entertainment is a crucial part of the success of your event. Take for example the layout below: As you can see, the DJ has been tucked away in the corner away from the action. It would have been better to swap the table directly to the left of the head table with the DJ and placing the DJ directly onto the dance floor area and readily available to the bride & groom.

Is the DJ close to the dance floor? The location of your DJ (that would hopefully be me) will be optimized if positioned in close proximity of the dance floor area.  This location allows me to direct sound accordingly to where it’s needed during the reception.  For instance, during the cocktail/dinner time, I’ll generally be running at a lower volume and pointing my speakers at a wider angle to cover the room nicely.  This will ensure an even sound coverage and allow your family & friends to hear any needed announcements, toasts, welcome speeches, etc.  Then, once the dance portion of the evening begins, the speakers will be targeted toward the dance floor where the dancers will like to have it louder, but your guests at the tables who wish to stay and socialize won’t be drown out with loud music.  You also need to consider the lighting that will be utilized and focused onto the dance floor area; in a way that it’s not pointed directly into the eyes of your guests.


Also, by having me setup directly on the dance floor, I can watch and read the crowd to understand what types of music are working and what they are liking and I’m easily accessible to them for any music requests that they may have. Your guests will feel much more comfortable and connected if they don’t have road blocks between the dance floor and the DJ booth.

Don’t place tables in between the DJ and the dance floor. Placing your guest in front of the DJ speakers will only increase the odds that they won’t have a good time and will leave early.  In this layout, a typical DJ will have their speakers located next to the DJ booth and pointed across several tables.  Not good seats! 🙁

Centrally located. I’m seeing a trend in the ‘center floor’ dance layout, where the dance floor is located in the middle of the room, most of the time in front of the head table.  It is a great layout when considering most of your guests will be able to view things easily.  But, you need to ensure to properly plan the DJ location accordingly.  If that means setting up and tearing down the buffet tables or relocating the gift table to a more out-of-the-way location, it would be better to do so.

Suggested Layout Configurations. Taking that same room and re-arranging a few things. The cake table could easily be placed in front of the head table until served and then removed quickly to a corner for the rest of the reception.  Also, I would arrange my speakers to flank each side of the head table and then directing them depending on where they need to be focused.  That gives them optimal position for both cocktail/dinner and dancing.

Communications is key! If you have any doubts in where to place your DJ, please consult with them (me) directly.  I’m happy to work with all of my clients for special and unique layout challenges that will allow them to have the look and feel they want to achieve for their reception, but also the needed space and accommodations that I also need.

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