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Monogram SampleI get asked alot about how much room I will need to set up. There’s really no cut-n-dry answer to the question since I can manipulate my gear and set up in so many different ways. Obviously, it’s nice to have alot of room, but there are times when space is a valuable commodity and I’m able to help out by setting up in a way that takes as little as room as possible without losing good sound or lighting coverage. There are other times that even though space is limited, it’s simply not feasible to set up differently because the room will lose good accoustics and lighting, so I have to look at each set up area individually at times and we (the client and I) work together on a setup.

But, don’t get the wrong impression just because the setup is compact that it can’t pack a powerful punch. I utilize top of the line EV sound equipment that is just about the sweetest sounding gear I’ve heard. (In fact, I was the first one in the United States to have this particular gear, but that’ another story that I can share at some other time.) It’s been engineered to take the beating that a mobile jock gives it, yet it keeps on performing night after night.

The light show also surprises alot of people. I don’t utilize a large 10′ overhead truss system that is generally the norm amongst mobile entertainment companies and place all the lights on it, but I prefer to seperate the pieces amongst the entire setup to ensure full coverage and lights that appear to come out of no where. This approach actually takes a bit more time, but I feel it’s well worth it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched people look to see where a particuliar light was coming from because it was set up behind the booth or in-line with a speaker, blending into the surroundings. It’s fun to see the ‘awe’ as the room comes alive with the dancing light show and something I take great pride in.

Although I can easily accommodate a large truss with multiple lights, I have very little demand for that type of show, aside prom shows. My clients desire the slim look of my setups and prefer that I accent their decor and not make it feel like a club. They want elegance and class, with a touch of flair.

Check out this setup where I put my booth in the corner and spread my speakers and lighting out to the side, directly in front of the dance floor. This allowed my to take up less space and fit nicely within the corner. It’s a setup that I do enjoy!




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